Sheetal Mangesh Pandrekar

I'm a Computer Science Graduate student at Stony Brook University. With my passion for development, I have given flight to some interesting start-up ideas. I enjoy collaborating with different people to brainstorm on ideas and possibilities. I'm looking forward to involve myself in innovative computer science projects and researches that will push the boundaries of knowledge and solve problems in creative ways.

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Masters, Computer Science

Aug 2014 - Current, State University of New York at Stony Brook, NY, USA
Bachelors, Computer Science & Engineering

Aug 2009 - May 2013, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India
These are the major courses that I completed during my undergrad studies:

Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms, Operating Systems, System Security, Computer Networks, Web Engineering, Databases, Mobile Computing, Computer Graphics, Digital Signal Processing, Microprocessors, Computer Architecture, Object-Oriented Software Engineering

Work Experience

Technical Advisor

Jan 2014 - Jun 2014, Lunchex Online Private Limited, Mumbai, India
Lunchex is the brainchild of Chaitanya Shah, whom I met in an online chatroom. We discussed this idea online and soon we were working to get it started! Lunchex focusses on a unique problem. It connects the travellers with locals which helps them get involved with the local lifestyle and social circle. For building this system, I advised a team of student developers, who were working on a professional project for the first time. I made the team work on a timeline and helped them deal with new technical challenges.
Lead Developer

Oct 2012 - Jun 2013, The Opine Solutions, Mumbai, India
Opine Solutions, is a start-up company based in Mumbai, India. I have been a part of this company right from the inception of the idea to the launch of the first version of the Mobile App. The experience made me think in terms of the business needs and I adapted my technical knowledge accordingly. As the Technical Head of a start-up, the entire group banked on me to take quick and effective decisions. We employed rapid prototyping and progressively incorporated new use cases into the App.

Aug 2011 - May 2012, Computer Society of India - SPIT
As a part of the CSI-SPIT committee of 12 members, I garnered skills of leadership and timely execution. We were on our toes for the entire academics year, planning weekly events. The events were largely technical based and aimed at imparting useful technical skills. We conducted workshops on technical topics including VB.NET & ADO.NET, Photoshop, Android Developement, Web designing, Cyber Forensics etc. We also organised a Blood Donation Campaign and a Trek. My team was awarded “The Best Student Branch of 2011-12” all over India.

Academic Projects

Opinion Spam Detection

Oct 2014 - Dec 2014, Stony Brook University
In this project, we used a novel approach to detect opinion Spam by modelling the data as a Dynamic Graph. Previous approaches to the problem of opinion Spam Detection have made use of a Static Graph. Our novel approach lets us get interesting Role Transition Patterns. We are also able to predict the possibility of future Spam using Personalized PageRank.
Python, MongoDB, NetworkX
Image Segmentation by Correlation Clustering

Oct 2014 - Dec 2014, Stony Brook University
It is a learning based method where the number of clusters do not have to be specified from the beginning. Our Implementation of Image Segmentation by Correlation Clustering gave us extremely good results with Boundary displacement Error as low as 4.85 compared to 10.81 in the work "Higher-Order Correlation Clustering for Image Segmentation"

Professional Projects


Jul 2013 - July 2014, AcjS
CricDeCode is a mobile app for self-assessment and strategy planning for cricket players to improve their game. The players’ data is safely stored with Cloud backup on Google App Engine. The app provides advanced filtering options for the player to view his records and understand his performance better. It has received applause from many international cricket players and has been featured on ESPN CricInfo and Hindustan Times.
Android, Google App Engine, Python, Android Purchase API, Facebook API for Android, Google Cloud Messaging

Jan 2014 - Jun 2014,Lunchex Online Private Limited
Registered travellers can connect with registered localites who offer them meals or a place to stay during their travel. Localites can help them plan itineraries to ensure that they get the best local experiences.
PHP, MySQL, Android

Feb 2013, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology
It is the Official messaging app for students in the college campus. It is built with Android and web app as client, and Google App Engine as server. The users can form groups known as huddles for group messaging. The messages can be sent via mobile app or web client.
Android, Google App Engine, Google Cloud Messaging

Oct 2012 - Jul 2013, The Opine Solutions
A market–research app developed with gamification features to encourage customers to give feedback on consumer products. The app contains surveys from companies asking key reviews from the consumers. For every survey answered, the users’ will earn points. This points can be redeemed by purchasing discount coupons within the app. The points can also be encashed by recharging the users’ phone balance.
Android, Google Cloud Messaging, PHP, Javascript

Jan 2012 - Mar 2012, BizNetIT Solutions
It is a portal for Medical Conferences in India. The admin schedules the medical conferences with date, time and location. The complete details about the speakers and their topics of discussion are added to the portal. Delegates can register themselves for the conference and make payments for the accommodations. The admin can use the portal to design and print badges and certificates for the attending delegates and speakers.
HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, MySQL

Jun 2011 - Jul 2011, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology
The system consists of thin clients and a server. The server contains e-books, audios and videos which can be accessed by registered thin clients.
Linux Terminal Server Project in Ubuntu 10.10


Teaching has always been my passion and I find it to be a very enriching experience. Till now, I have grabbed all the opportunities that I could to teach a Computer Science topic and I have always enjoyed it. These are some of the training seminars that I have conducted recently.

Google App Engine

Apr 2013
In this seminar, I demonstrated how easy it is to setup and manage a scalable web and mobile application using Google App Engine.

Derivative based Optimization Algorithms

Sept 2012
This seminar was delivered in a team of 3. My topic was to explain the working of Steepest Descent and Newton’s Method. I did so with the help of a diagram representing the nuanced differences in the functioning of the algorithms.


Mar 2012
In the first half, I covered the basic usage of the typesetting language including Text Formatting, Sectioning and Sub-Sectioning, Forming Lists and Tables. In the second half, I covered the important commands in Math Mode and Symbols. I also demonstrated how custom commands can be created. Comfortably using the typesetting skills proved to be important for students interested in writing research papers.


Sept 2011
In this seminar, I made the participants create a basic website. I guided them through the process, and explained the key concepts like querying the database, encryption and working with session variables.


Aug 2011
I taught the participants to develop a Simple Calculator through which I demonstrated the techniques of event-driven programming. I guided the participants to develop a telephone directory by accessing the MS Access Database using ADO.NET.


Sept 2011
I did a step-by-step tutorial on how Joomla can be used to build and manage websites.


If you want to know more about my projects or if you need to discuss an idea with me, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to write to me at: